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Owner cover. Guest cover. We cover everything.

The Deal Holiday Lets Trust & Safety Policy backs verified guests with a Free virtual deposit of £500 and our owners are backed with an extended guarantee of up to £1M for damages. Guests feel more confident about booking our properties due to lower upfront deposit fees and the added protection we offer during their stay. 

Biometric facial recognition and government ID checking software

Guests are put through a combination of checks including biometric facial recognition and government ID checking software. This allows us  to verify guests are who they say they are, just like when you check-in to a hotel. 

Family Beach Day

Free £500 deposit for guests

Verified guests are backed with a free virtual £500 deposit. Eliminating high deposits when they book and offering a greater incentive to stay with us.

What's more, it's absolutely free...guests don't pay a thing! The only thing they have to worry about is enjoying their holiday.

Guarantees for owners up to £1M

Following a successful guest verification, not only are guests backed with a £500 deposit, but owners are also backed with an extended guarantee of £1million for the duration of the stay.


Giving our owners complete peace of mind. 


How does it work?



Guests receive an email with an invitation link or pin when they book a stay with us.


Guests follow the link to verify their identity, just like when you check-in to a hotel.


Guests are backed with a FREE £500 deposit for damages during their stay (owners £1M).

Find out more about the specialist services we offer. Call or email the Deal holiday Lets team by clicking below:

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