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Peace of mind for guests during their staycation with Deal Holiday Lets

As part of our service we ensure that our properties have been cleaned thoroughly before a guest arrives. In response to the Covid-19 global pandemic Deal Holiday Lets has developed an enhanced cleaning protocol for cleaners to follow in line with recommendations made by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and The World Health Organisation (WHO) to lower the risk of the spread of the virus. 

Precautions we've taken to prevent the spread of Covid-19

In addition to managing cleaning, disinfecting and sanitising on behalf of our owners, Deal Holiday Lets has taken further precautions to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and keep our guests, owners, housekeepers and teams safe. 

CPD certified training

Cleaners have completed training courses in environmental cleaning during the Covid-19 outbreak in order to carry out effective sanitisation and minimise the risk of the spread of the virus.

Social distancing

We offer guests a self-check-in via a key lock box wherever possible and practise social distancing when meeting in person. 

Personal protective equipment

Housekeepers are asked to use personal protective items like disposable gloves and facial coverings in order to provide additional protection whenever necessary in line with government advice.

Hand hygiene

We ask guests, housekeepers and anyone else entering the property to use soap and warm water to wash hands for at least 20 secs and if that’s not possible we advise  using hand sanitiser with 60%+ alcohol. 

Clean. Disinfect. Sanitise

We know it's important to carry out the correct steps in the right order and to use products recommended by local health authorities. This involves firstly cleaning a space to remove germs, then sanitising high-touch areas using disinfectants (recommended by local health authorities) to kill germs. The process that we ask cleaners to follow is in line with government guidelines to lower the risk of spreading the infection. 

'99.9% efficacy in lab tests':
We use specific products that have demonstrated effectiveness (>99.9% inactivation) against coronavirus strains from the same family as Covid-19 in laboratory testing.

Recommended disinfectants


Preventing the spread of the virus:
From doorknobs to light switches we disinfect high-touch areas after cleaning to help make sure your holiday let is as low-risk as possible.  

Sanitising high-touch areas


This protocol is not provided with any guarantee, whether of comprehensiveness, efficacy, or otherwise. You may need to take additional steps to protect yourself and you may still come into contact with and/or contract a communicable disease, including COVID-19, even if we ask cleaners to carry out the precautions outlined in this protocol. Deal Holiday Lets is not responsible for any injuries or disease resulting from using this protocol to clean, disinfect and sanitise holiday lets.

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